The Best Way To Shop For Auto Glass

In today’s busy world of commerce, you can find just about anything you want in a few minutes – all you need are a few phone numbers, access to the internet or some spare time to window-shop. Millions of people shop for automotive parts and accessories each year, so it comes as no surprise that a vast industry of auto care has sprung up around this demand. One area in which there is a lot of demand (but not a lot of glitz and glamour) is the auto glass industry. When you consider that virtually every operational automobile in the world has some form of auto glass installed, it can quickly become clear that this is an industry for the masses.

Sooner or later – if you hold on to your vehicle – you will need to purchase new auto glass for your windows or windshield. Many people do not know where to begin when damage or wear and tear strikes, so it can be one of the more confusing times you have to browse for a new product. Shopping for auto glass should be simple yet thorough; it can be, but you need to understand how the process works and what is needed from you in order to make it so. In the following article, we’ll outline the best way to shop for auto glass and what you will need to know before you begin comparing quotes.

Auto Glass Keeps You Safe

This is an important point to understand for those who suddenly find themselves in the market for aftermarket auto glass. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, it is vital that the process goes smoothly and that the material used is up to par with your safety needs. A small crack or chip in the windshield can allow much more substantial damage to occur over time and can weaken the car’s ability to maintain its integrity in an accident. It is generally not a good idea to pick the cheapest auto glass solution you can find merely because of its price – be sure to shop around and understand that your safety should be the number one concern in this process.

Shop Around

You have to consider that not all auto glass technicians or companies are created equally. As far as the installation and practice of auto glass repair go, the industry is a relatively deregulated affair. This means that the quality of your repairs may or may not be guaranteed under a warranty. As such, you want to be sure to shop around and obtain various windshield repair quotes before you make a decision about where to purchase your auto glass.

The best way to do so is to visit several different auto glass websites in your area. A quick local search should bring up several options for you to consider, and many of them will call you back with a quote shortly after you fill out the necessary information. This is a no-hassle approach; you are not obligated to purchase anything. After you have several quotes available and more detailed information from each auto glass company, you can then determine which installations may be right for you. It may come down to scheduling or cost, but safety should always be your first consideration.

Research Your Picks

Before you make a final selection, you should conduct as much research as possible to determine the track record and history of each auto glass company. Users may find it helpful to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the entity is free of complaints, while local reviews through search engines may also be helpful. In the case of the latter, however, keep an eye out for tricks: some reviews are generated by the auto glass entities themselves in order to boost appeal. As stated before, price isn’t everything. While in some cases you can find the same quality work performed at a much cheaper rate, your auto glass is all about safety. You do not want to shop for auto glass in the same way that you would shop for seat covers or carpet cleaner.

Other Concerns

Depending on how complex the replacement or repair job is, you may have to wait for special inventory to arrive in order to have the repairs performed. Usually, however, this is not the case. The installation quality of the auto glass is just as important as the type of auto glass, according to Auto Glass University. Did you know that the windshield and auto glass can comprise up to three-quarters of your automobile’s cabin strength in a wreck? In addition to this, an improper installation can be as bad as having a properly installed but damaged windshield in place. You want to verify above all else that the auto glass company can perform quality repairs and replacement jobs to ensure your safety.


Before you hit the market in search of auto glass, you will want to keep a few concepts in mind. For starters, safety must be considered and the credentials of your auto glass technician should be inspected. Do not feel bad about shopping around for the best prices, but do understand that the lowest price may not be the best value. In addition to this, be sure to conduct additional forms of research online to see what others have said about these various services. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be sure to make the right decision and obtain the best auto glass repair or replacement job available.

Rear Windshields – An Oft-Overlooked Feature of Auto Safety

Back Windshield

There can be plenty of accidents and tragedies that strike us when we least expect it, and a fair share of them can take place while on the road. Automobile accidents are one of the biggest causes of premature death, and almost none of them can be expected in advance. Even if you are operating your automobile safely, someone else’s negligence can cause an accident to occur in the blink of an eye. Because of this, it is always important to ensure that your automobile has as many safety features and amenities installed as possible and that all of them are in tip-top shape at all times.

We are all aware of our windshields and how they help protect us from the elements, but did you know that windshields are also responsible for a majority of a vehicle’s strength in the event of a roll-over? In addition to this, windshields and auto glass help keep a controlled climate possible in an automobile, which was something that the first vehicles on the road did not possess. Because we often only see it through our rear-view mirrors, it can be easy to forget about the rear windshield and all of the safety and convenience it provides. Below, we will discuss the basics of this automobile feature and why you should pay more attention to it.

Its Purpose

A rear windshield serves to provide many of the same benefits and protections that your front windshield provides, even if you do not always see it. For starters, the rear windshield helps reinforce the strength of the automobile in the event of a collision or roll-over; with stringent safety regulations now in place, this is a prime concern for manufacturers. In addition to this, the rear windshield provides visibility to drivers and at the same time directs precipitation and other elements away from the interior of the automobile. While it does not block the wind as much as a front-facing windshield does, it still helps minimize cabin disruptions caused by wind as you drive down the street.

In addition to this, the rear windshield helps keep the interior cabin of your automobile insulated and isolated. Without this element, you would either have no rear visibility or be exposed to cold/hot temperatures every time you get behind the wheel. In addition to the standard concerns of visibility, most newer rear windshields provide drivers with access to defrosting systems that keep fog and frost from obscuring your view as you drive to work or run errands.

The Importance of Repairs

As with any form of auto glass, needed repairs should be performed at the first sight of damage. The Auto Glass Safety Council reports that dozens of people will die each year due to accidents in which their windshields and auto glass strength was compromised due to damage. In some cases, a cracked rear windshield may make the difference between life and death in a roll-over or severe accident. It also goes without saying that a repair is much cheaper than a total windshield replacement; if your rear windshield is damaged beyond repair, expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement. If you catch the damage early and have it treated, though, the repairs will most likely be covered by your auto insurance.

The Replacement Process

If you have waited too long, however, and do require a full rear windshield replacement job, you should be aware of what it entails. A qualified auto glass technician should always be used for any replacement job, as he or she will inspect the damage carefully before making any decisions. If the auto glass cannot be repaired, the technician will then remove the damaged glass from the vehicle. Any debris or shards of glass will be vacuumed out of the car to ensure maximum safety and a good fit. The new rear windshield will be inserted and the technician will connect any features to the car’s electronic systems (such as rear defrosters or windshield wipers). The glass is then cleaned and you are ready to hit the roads again.

Common Types of Damage

The rear windshield may not face the same everyday situations as the front windshield does, but it is still vulnerable to damage. Falling tree limbs and other objects are a common reason why rear windshields have to be repaired or replaced. In addition to this, car thefts and vandalism are another major reason why windshields in the rear of vehicles have to be replaced. Of course, the same natural elements can wreak havoc on your rear windshield: hail, freezing temperatures other forms of debris while on the road can all find their way into contact with your rear windshield.


Rear windshields play a vital role in protecting us from danger and keeping us safe from the elements. While it is more likely that your front windshield will be subject to damage, rear-facing windshields may also be subjected to forms of damage that can weaken their strength and reduce their effectiveness. Strength in the event of a roll-over and visibility are both very important elements of any form of auto glass, so it is vital that any repairs or replacements that are necessary be performed as soon as possible by a qualified auto glass technician.